Defunkify x Ghana Make A Difference

This month, the team at Defunkify partnered with Ghana Make a Difference - a humanitarian organization that was founded in July 2012 to protect vulnerable children and to preserve families in Ghana. We are honored to shed light on the work that Ghana Make a Difference (GMAD) makes in the communities in Ghana as well as support their team with some travel-friendly (and eco-friendly!) cleaning products. 

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About Ghana Make a Difference

Over the past six years, on five acres of land donated by the local village chief, GMAD has constructed and currently operates a main children’s home (8,200 sq ft), a smaller home for children with special needs, a school, a dental/medical clinic, and a volunteer house.

"We shelter children who have been abandoned and who have been rescued from forced child labor. We provide these vulnerable children with a place they can call home as we work to reintegrate them with their biological family or to place them in a new family. That’s because we believe there is no better way to raise the next generation than in families. We also believe that we are equipping the children who come through GMAD’s door with the tools necessary to raise a loving family when their time comes." - Austin Johnson, GMAD volunteer.

GMAD employs 31 local, full-time Ghanaian and refugee workers (nannies, social workers, teachers, cooks, maintenance and grounds workers, management), and each year GMAD has over 100 volunteers that travel to Ghana (mostly from the USA) to help maintain and operate the home. 

GMAD's efforts are sustainable and the organization preserves families by providing a path to self-reliance through education, adult literacy, vocational training, social assistance, healthy living, and access to medical care. GMAD has a 100% giving model where all monies donated will go directly to the cause in Ghana

Medical Missions

During these last few years, GMAD has organized and hosted a handful of medical missions. Next month the organization will have over fifty volunteers, comprised of surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologist, support staff and other humanitarian workers. GMAD's goal is to do as many life-altering medical operations as possible during its ten days in the country. Most of these operations are already on the schedule, many will be added to the schedule once the organization's representatives are there, as word tends to spread very quickly that we are doing these operations because the demand is so high.

Work with Defunkify

While there, GMAD volunteers work in hot and humid conditions. All medical personnel is reluctant to take breaks as they are hungry to do as much good as possible while they are there. Volunteers take over limited personal items as their checked luggage is used to bring over medical supplies and other relief goods. These three factors make travel-friendly defunkify products ideal, as they allow us to continue to work without taking time to maintain/wash our clothing and bodies as much as we would otherwise. One less thing to worry about when performing charity in third world conditions. 
If your company is looking to partner with a charitable organization, if you are interested in doing a staff volunteer trip to Africa or if you want to make a big difference and donate, visit the GMAD website to start your journey. With you, Ghana Make a Difference can continue to make a tremendous impact.  

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