Get Dirty! These activities may be funky, but they're fun too!

Participation in activities that require working up a sweat, building up a solid 'layer of funk' and getting a little dirty (think mud) are often-times enjoyable, memorable and good for the soul. At Defunkify, we're not on a crusade to stop you from doing ANY of these things. We want you to have all the dirtiest, funkiest, odor-inducing experiences you'd like with the confidence that the only thing left behind (goodbye stains! sayonara stink!) will be the pictures on your social media feed. 

Here are some of our favorite funk-activating, grime-collecting events and activities we think you should give a try if you haven't already.

1. OCR 

We'll break that down for you if you don't speak in acronyms...Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is where it's at when looking for a muscle-fatiguing, endurance-testing athletic event that will leave you uber funky and wanting more. In addition to the just plain difficult obstacles set-up throughout the course, organizers include elements of mud pretty much everywhere. (We think they may also pray to the weather gods for extreme conditions on race day to ensure a truly tough day.)

Find a few, slightly crazy, friends and sign up for an event near you! Your physical limits will be tested but you'll have a blast as you watch your pals struggle or kick butt along the way.  And who doesn't love a muddy group photo opp at the end of the day?!


Hot yoga is the polar opposite of OCR, but walk into a steamy yoga room after a long session with a full-house and there will be no doubt that 'the funk' can be found in a yoga studio, too. With the use of heaters and humidifiers, yoga studios can get very very humid... think summer in the deep south. Sounds awesome, right? Well - it actually is. 

A typical Bikram or hot yoga class runs for 90 minutes but it doesn't take long for attendees to start perspiring. The heat allows yogis to safely stretch deeper and encourages the body to rid itself of toxins! The heart works harder in the warm temps, making this a great cardio effort as well. Hot yoga essentially defunkifies the body (and the mind, too!) and we are super down with that! 


Team sports are great for a plethora of reasons. Joining an adult baseball or softball league is an excellent way to socialize with friends, colleagues, etc and get some exercise in. Just don't drink more beer than the calories you burn running bases! Ha! 


It's no surprise that your game day whites can get pretty filthy after sliding into home or diving to make a play in the outfield. What trumps grass and dirt stains is the FUN you'll have all season long. Adult leagues are really all about having a good time, de-stressing after a hectic workday, and letting your mind detach from technology so you can interact with the people around you. 


Have a three-day weekend coming up? We'd like to suggest heading out into the woods for an overnight excursion. Backpacking solo or with a group can be a life-changing experience. Trekking to a place you've never been, spending a night under the stars and disconnecting from reality is always a good idea. Sure, you may go a few days in the same clothes sans shower. That's part of the fun. 

Be prepared for the elements and you can have a good time no matter the conditions. You will be amazed at where your own two feet can take you and your human-powered weekend will undoubtedly be one for the books. You may come back with a ripe 3-day funk, but your memories will hang around a lot longer!


What are some of your favorite activities that leave you needing high-performance funk-fighting detergents and sprays? Share in the comments below! 


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