How to Clean Waterproof Outerwear


As you take out your waterproof jackets the next time, observe how well they actually protect you from the rain and snow: do you see little drops of water rolling off the sleeves or do they actually soak through the material and leave you wet?

According to Defunkify’s chemists, this phenomenon is called ‘wetting out’. Your winter performance wear is made of waterproof materials such as Goretex and NeoShell, and provides protection from the rain, snow and even wind. Not to be confused with water-resistant wear, which can only hold you dry for a short amount of time, waterproof outerwear offers maximum protection to your clothes thanks to the high surface tension between the fibers and the water drops that land on them. This surface tension keeps the water drops beaded up on the surface, allowing it to roll off before it gets absorbed into the clothing.

With prolonged use, all clothing gets dirty: body oils, odors, and external dirt molecules enter the protective layer of waterproof clothing and reduce the surface tension that keeps it waterproof. This allows the water drops to be absorbed and the outerwear loses its waterproof qualities over time.

But don’t be discouraged just yet - it’s still possible to bring your waterproof outerwear back to life. The secret is washing it with strong, yet gentle detergent like Active Wash that’s designed to remove the tiniest dirt molecules from active wear gently and safely. When Defunkify removes all the grime from your synthetic clothing, it increases the surface tension and literally restores waterproof performance. Thus, by deep-cleaning your clothes with Defunkify’s Active Wash formula, you can work the magic in 3 ways:

  1. Increase the time between washes;
  2. Restore the waterproof performance of activewear;
  3. Protect your clothes and skin from harsh chemicals contained by regular detergents;
Although outerwear doesn’t come in as much contact with skin and sweat as the inner layers of our skiing gear does, we invite you to learn more about just how much funk there is from the external forces: rain, snow, dust, and dirt. As you prepare for the upcoming skiing season, arm yourself with the leading eco-friendly detergent to keep your waterproof clothing protected and in highest performance.

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