Kids, Pets, and Husbands: Keeping The Home Clean Against All Odds

The life of a working mother can be a nightmare if we are all being honest. The stress of work and kids getting into all kinds of trouble leaves very little time to spend an entire day cleaning the home. It is possible to keep your home clean though as technology can help immensely. This has to be a team effort especially with a larger family as laundry and dishes can pile up in a day. The following are tips and tactics that will leave your home as clean as ever without sacrificing your rare free time.


There are mothers that think that they have to take care of all of the housework because their children have busy lives. This does not mean that they cannot help out around the home especially as they get older. The delegation can happen by committee or by you and your partner deciding. Even your significant other needs to help out more as everyone doing just a little more will make a big difference. Chore wheels are quite popular and can work quite well for larger families. Some people find comfort in doing or folding laundry so allow them to do that at any time. Even some people enjoy mowing the grass as it gives them time to distress and not worry about anything besides walking in a straight line.

Teenagers Take Care of Their Own Laundry

Doing the entire family’s laundry can be a full-time job especially if you multiple children involved in multiple sports. Your teen might want to their laundry anyway and this is a skill they will need in college. Nobody likes the student that never does his laundry and waits for their mom to do it when they come home on breaks. Deals can be made on this though as the water bill will skyrocket if everyone is doing separate loads of laundry. Each person can have a laundry day per week and the whole family can have a day as well.

Everyone Cooks and Does Dishes

Learning how to cook is inevitable for many people as cooking is a basic life skill. Teaching those 12 and over how to cook can be a great way to divide some of the home’s chores. One of your children might find a passion in cooking or at least be able to be a great substitute when you simply cannot fit making dinner into your schedule. Everyone should do their own dishes besides at group dinners where everyone cleans except for the person who cooked. In college this can be a huge advantage as your student can save money by cooking for themselves instead of going out to eat constantly. Nobody likes the campus dining halls anyway after freshman year at most schools.

Everyone is on Pet Duty

If you have a dog or a cat then it is the entire family’s responsibility. Everyone gets enjoyment out of most dogs so everyone should keep an eye on it and clean up messes that it might make. Watching out for the dog’s health is important as well as they cannot simply tell us that they are not feeling well. Flea allergy dermatitis and other serious conditions can be difficult to identify if you are not paying close attention to your dog. Checking your dog’s skin for breakouts or hives is another thing that should be done daily. This can be from an allergy or it could be a symptom of a much larger problem. As long as you have a dog that won’t kill the Rumba, keeping the house clean for a dog is well worth the chore.

As you can see it will take work but you can have a clean home that works like a well-oiled machine. This will help you become a better worker as you will not be as stressed as well as a better mother.

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