Meet Long Distance Runner Jessica Bashaw

Born and raised in Southern California, Jessica Bashaw has been running long distance since 2009 when a difficult breakup led her to sign up for a half marathon. Since then she has run everything from a 5k to a 100k and has completed two full Ironman triathlons. In addition to running she enjoys rock climbing, teaching scuba diving, and seeking out the best coffee in LA. Her local go-to run spot is Ocean Avenue/San Vicente in Santa Monica and an unforgettable run was an early morning run in Paris where she was able to see the city and landmarks with absolutely zero people around.

Tell us your workout gear funk story! 

I started noticing an issue with my athletic apparel when it would look and smell clean but partway into a work out I would smell.... well, gross. I didn't put sweaty clothing into my hamper, I used name-brand detergent, I washed and hung dry my clothing, so why was I smelling like I'd worn dirty clothes to my workouts? Well, basically the fibers of the material and the funk of body odor, sweat, and dirt weren't being removed from the clothes when being washed.... only masked. Once I'd start to sweat in the apparel all those odors from the previous workouts would magically appear. It was not a pleasant experience.

How do you like to care for your running gear? What works best? 

When it comes to my athletic apparel, I don't put sweaty or damp clothing into the hamper. As often as possible, I let it hang dry and then toss it in with my other dirty clothes. When it's laundry day, I wash my clothing with Defunkify Active Wash and let the clothing hang dry (no dryers!). If I have clothing that is extra smelly or dirty, like my hiking clothes after a 5-day backpacking trip, I soak that clothing in Defunkify Active Wash to give the detergent a bit more time to get all the odors and funk. I've found it easiest to fill up the washer and delay the start by 15-20 minutes.

I discovered the Defunkify line of products at the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon expo. The product intrigued me not just because I had a need for a good athletic-wear cleaning product but also because it's a green product. The next week while doing laundry I decided to do a little experiment to see if this product actually worked as well as the reps said it would. I did three loads of laundry: one with my normal name-brand detergent, one with Defunkify Active Wash, and the last with a 20-minute soak in Defunkify before washing. I was really shocked to discover that the clothes washed in my expensive name-brand detergent did not smell as clean as the clothes washed in Defunkify Active Wash. The real kicker was a smell test with a notoriously awful smelling yoga bra I own that was in the soak/wash pile of clothes: it had NO smell. I was convinced!

Not everyone has as much athletic apparel in their laundry as I do but I now use Defunkify for every load of laundry.

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