The Next Best Thing for your Teenager's Stinky Shoes

Every high school sport is accompanied by stinky shoes (and clothes), but it doesn't mean the stink has to stay there forever. Our friends at Akron Ohio Moms gave Defunkify a try and saw some interesting results while cleaning their teenagers' running gear. Here are some of their reactions: 

"I like the Defunkify Active Wash and have used it for one wash cycle on most of our clothes – darks, whites, and towels. I’ve noticed the most difference for just one wash than any other product I’ve used for this same problem. It got all of the sock stink out and most of the sweat stink that was really soaked into some of my husband’s older t-shirts. I can really tell a big difference!

I was very pleased that all of the nasty mud was washed away and my daughter’s shoes looked brand new. I was especially worried about the light color fabric of the shoes but they are perfect after just one wash."

We are so excited to see such drastic differences in just one wash! Cindy also tried the Active Spray and Laundry Stain Remover solutions - head over to her blog to learn more!

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