Our Story

Defunkify’s revolutionary laundry products are the collective brainchild of Oregon scientists, chemists and inventors with a shared passion for active lifestyles.

We used to share something else too: closets full of sportswear too funky-smelling to wear. You know the ones, those sweat-wicking gym shirts and four-way stretch yoga pants that always seem to stink.

All this funky stuff got us wondering: Why aren’t traditional detergents working? What is it about high-performance apparel that’s so stubborn to clean? Are we just really stinky people?

Fortunately, our scientists like exploring complex problems, and because we’re united with the University of Oregon, we get to use cutting-edge laboratories and capital-intensive equipment. Things like Focused Ion-Beam and Scanning Electron Microscopes to perform atomic-resolution imaging and microscopic composition analysis. Cool stuff like that.

Basically, we dove deep between the fibers, applied the principles of green chemistry to explore solutions, and used our stinky friends in Track Town USA to test and perfect our formulas.

Better Science

Defunkify is the brainchild of Oregon scientists with a shared passion for active lifestyles. All of our research and development happens in-house by world-renowned surface chemists.

Green Chemistry

Using the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, we provide our community with the best cleaning products on the planet. It's all about preventing pollution and promoting performance.

Clean by Design

Actually removing odors and stains down to the microscopic level. That's our simple, yet unique design philosophy. We love defeating the stinky, dirty stuff!


we offer a variety of cleaning and deodorizing products perfect for keeping activewear (and shoes) looking, feeling and smelling brand new. They work amazingly well, and we think you’ll agree. In fact, we guarantee it.

P.S. As you’re reading this, there’s a good chance we’re back in the lab formulating more Scientifically Superior & Environmentally Friendly household cleaning products. We can’t wait to share more soon!