2021 Plastic Footprint

2021 Plastic Footprint

 2021 Plastic Footprint

Last year, we removed 41,571 pounds of plastic pollution that would have otherwise been burned, sent to landfills, or leaked into our oceans and waterways. This amount of plastic pollution that we removed is equivalent to the amount we used in our packaging.

2021 Plastic Reporting

Below you can see our 2021 plastic footprint for every product we made and sold; measuring every bottle, every cap, every spray nozzle, every bag, even all the tape used across our entire product portfolio. With this document, we aim to expand our commitment to transparency beyond ingredient selection and formulation practices, and into our packaging footprint.

Next Steps

While measuring and offsetting our plastic footprint is important, our ultimate goal is to eliminate all plastic trash from our products. A goal we aim to achieve this year.

Thanks for supporting brands that support our planet.

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See the full press release here.

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