Are Towels Communal? Find out here.

We got a good laugh at this post from Glennon & Abby a few months back, which got us thinking... is it cool to share towels? Are they communal household items or not? Probably depends on who you ask! Fortunately, we’ve got the answer - and while sharing means caring, science says you’ve got to be Team Abby when it comes to your towels. 

Sharing towels is a common practice in many households, but is it really a good idea? Probs not. In this essay, I will examine the pros and cons of sharing towels and ultimately argue that it is best to avoid sharing towels whenever possible.

On the one hand, sharing towels can be convenient and save time and money. When multiple people use the same towel, it reduces the amount of laundry that needs to be done, which can save water and energy. One could argue that a family or household that shares towels is close knit and trusting of each other's hygiene practices - or maybe they just don’t care! Ha! 

However, there are several reasons why sharing towels is not a good idea. Sharing towels can spread germs and bacteria. Towels are a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infections and illnesses. When multiple people use the same towel, they are exposed to each other's germs and can increase the likelihood of spreading infections. (Major yuck!) This is especially true for towels that are used in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens, where bacteria can thrive. Washing your towels with a detergent that cleans deep like Defunkify will result in a funk-free towel for future use - but please, don’t share towels (aka bacteria breeding receptacles) with your family members between washes!

Secondly, sharing towels can lead to skin problems. Towels can harbor dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause acne and other skin issues. When multiple people use the same towel, they are exposed to each other's skin cells, which can exacerbate existing skin problems or cause new ones to develop. Note to self, avoid covering oneself in another person’s recently shed skin cells. Got it. 

Finally, sharing towels can be a violation of personal boundaries. Towels are a personal item that should not be shared without consent. Some people may feel uncomfortable sharing towels with others, even if they are close family members or friends. Everyone has a different definition of what’s gross to them - finding out your little bro has been cleaning up after his bath with your towel might not be the most pleasant of surprises. 

In conclusion, while we absolutely love and support everything Glennon stands for - we just can’t embrace the simple act of towel sharing. Sorry G! While sharing towels can be convenient and as Glennon points out the towels often do not have someone’s name on them, it is ultimately not a good idea to dry off with another person’s towel. Sharing towels can spread germs and bacteria, lead to skin problems, and be a violation of personal boundaries. Instead, it is best to use separate towels for each individual or family member, which can reduce the risk of spreading infections and illnesses, promote healthy skin, and maintain personal hygiene and boundaries. By taking simple steps to avoid sharing towels, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more respectful living environment for everyone. 

Remember to wash your towels with a high performing detergent that removes all bacteria and grime from the fibers of fabrics. Defunkify will take care of that for you and will do it safely, too. Because powerful detergents should not be toxic.

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  • Karla Thomas

    Love everything I’ve tried so far. You need to make terrarium cleaners for lizard and frog homes. Everything is so toxic for my little friends and they are the pooping-most animals, especially the green anoles. And their smelly food… yucko! If a mealworm dies inside it is impossible to remove the stink. Any ideas…Please! A nice no smell non-toxic cleaner would be great. And how about a nice gentle dog bed cleaner? Our spoiled dog has a twin bed to herself, and it smells as bad as she smells. How about a non-scented doggie shampoo? It would be nice to have a newly shampooed dog that doesn’t smell like toxic cleaners or make my skin tingle from the toxins. My world of critters stinks… please help with more than my laundry. Spring is almost here and some critters can leave now (hearing the tune “Born Free” in my brain) but most of my critters are disabled (a blind tree frog, footless anoles, leg injuries, cat damaged anoles) not releasable…

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