How often do I need to wash my (fill in the blank)?

How often do I need to wash my (fill in the blank)?

We're just gonna come out and say it... You shouldn't be wearing your clothing over and over and over and over again without washing. No matter how amazing your laundry detergent is or how many times you shower before putting the same clothes back on, you need to have a regular laundering routine.

Perhaps you need more deets on why it's important to Defunkify those undies or socks after every use. We've provided those answers below. 

How often do I REALLY need to wash my underwear? 

Listen, Defunkify is a company that specializes in powerful, eco-friendly laundry detergents, and while our products kick ass at effectively removing odors and stains, we can’t control what comes out of yours so we still generally recommend washing underwear after every use. 

Why? In case it’s not obvious, underwear can become soiled with various bodily fluids, such as sweat and urine, as well as bacteria and fecal matter from the rectal area, which can cause unpleasant odors and increase the risk of infections. No bueno.

Even with the use of a high-quality detergent like Defunkify that removes all that gunk from deep within the fibers of your unmentionables, we simply can’t get behind (pun intended!) the practice of skipping an underwear wash. It is important to maintain good hygiene practices by washing underwear regularly to remove any potential sources of stink or stank. 

You can always verify this with a medical professional but we pretty much guarantee that person will judge you. Wash your undies. Every dang day, folks.

How often do I REALLY need to wash my socks?

Feet get funky, y’all. They get hot. They get sweaty. Then, they camp out all swampy in your shoes for hours on end. Re-wearing your socks definitely isn’t as bad as recycling your undies (see above) - but still, we highly recommend tossing those stinkers into the washer after wearing them one time and one time only.

Defunkify is a one wash wonder, meaning after just one wash your stockings, crew socks, no-shows and compression socks will come out smelling like new. You may be tempted to give your socks the old sniff test on 'day two' and, well, if there's not stink, then onto the toesies they go-sies.

The problem? It’s not always what you can see or what you can smell that'll give you a headache. There’s plenty of living gunk coming off your feet that can absolutely lead to something you can feel (itchy feet!) and result in discomfort. 

In closing, don't tempt a funky fate! There’s no fun in fungal infection so wash your socks after every use.

What clothing can I wear a few times without washing?!

The frequency of washing clothing depends on various factors, such as the fabric, the wearer's activity level, and personal preferences. PSA: We also think you should take your friends' and family’s preferences into account here. It’s entirely possible they can smell you, even when you can’t smell you. A good friend will let you know. Let’s hope you have a few good friends.

Some articles of clothing can be worn multiple times before washing, such as jeans, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and coats. These garments typically do not come into contact with the body's sweat, oils, or bacteria, and can often be spot-cleaned to remove any visible stains or dirt. 

However, it is important to note that even these garments can and will eventually become soiled and require laundering. Like your socks and your unmentionables, we think it’s best to wash these pieces of clothing before they become ripe. Trust us, your pals and maybe even your pets will agree.

Use a high performing detergent like Defunkify. Removing what you can’t see and smell from the fibers of your clothing will help extend the life of your favorite duds. Don't let that 'fit get funky, yo. 

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