How to wash your $100 leggings. Hit the gym in style and make sure your leggings last for miles.

Are you hitting the gym at the start of the new year? Sporting your favorite leggings as often as possible because who doesn't love 24/7 comfort and style??

Make sure you're washing your athleisure apparel right by following these easy steps. 

Like those January temperatures, keep it cold cold cold. Many leggings are made from a fabric blend of spandex, polyester, nylon, cotton, or even wool.  These fabrics can be prone to elasticity loss, shrinkage, and snagging. Give those leggings the same treatment the winter weather is throwing at you and stick to cool or cold wash temps. Defunkify can be used in all water temperatures (yes, even our Powder), so let’s save your fabrics and your electric bill, and choose a cool/cold delicate wash cycle. 

Rack 'em up. You did not spend $100 for a pair of sweatpants (and if you did, we don’t judge, we all love a good track suit), so let’s keep those leggings fitting just right. Dryer heat can cause the fabrics to loose shape and damage the fibers. Instead of tossing in the dryer, hang them on a drying rack or lay flat on a towel to help extend their life and shape.

A little goes a long way. We don’t disagree with Alan Jackson on much (‘cause yes, it is always 5:00 somewhere), but “too much of a good thing is a good thing” is where we beg to differ. Too much detergent can lead to product build-up, especially in the day of HE machines that use less water. Defunkify is extremely concentrated, and a little goes a long way! Only use the prescribed amount to keep those leggings (and your machine) free from detergent residue build up. If you really put in the work and feel like the load needs some extra TLC to help with that hard earned funk, eer sweat, we recommend a 30 min presoak before washing in lieu of using more detergent.

Great fabrics stick together. Avoid washing those leggings with other items that might snag the delicate fabrics-hello zippers, self fasteners - or fluffy cotton that sticks to the spandex the way the spandex is sticking to you. For even more precaution, turn those leggings inside out while washing with other delicate fabrics.

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