Pet owners take note: How to keep your pet loving house from smelling like a pet loving house.

We know you love your 4-legged furry friends, but smelling them - not so much!

Although it may seem like Fido, Pretty Kitty, or Buddy can do no wrong, they just can’t help but leave behind fur, dander, saliva, and more that can lead to the unpleasant odors we would rather not smell while snuggling into the couch to watch the next episode of Stranger Things. (Stranger Things, yes! Stranger smells, no thank you!)

Here are a few tips we recommend to help keep those odors from taking over your house the way your pet is taking over your space on the bed.

Start with the bedding and work your way out! Once a week wash your pet’s bed cover. Try to remove as much hair and dander from the bed by shaking or vacuuming it, then give it a few sprays with Defunkify's Odor Remover Spray, which was designed to remove odors on items that can’t be washed.

If the cover can be removed, throw it in the wash on the hottest cycle (unless using Defunkify's Liquid Laundry Detergent - it works in cold water!) recommended by the fabric. Then, let the bed itself hang outside in some fresh air. UV rays can help kill odor causing bacteria and are great natural cleaning source, we call it the sunlight treatment.

Hang drying also ensures that the dryer does not turn your Mastif’s king size bed cover into one fit for a Chihuahua. If you do throw it in the dryer, go with a low heat setting. This will help protect the fabrics and save on your energy bill.

While that load is running, move onto the floors. Vacuum, sweep, or mop up all left behind pet material, whether it be the excited slobber, or the endless supply of fur. We know your pet is perfect - aren’t they all - but sometimes even the most precious pet can have an accident.

To remove urine from a carpet, rug, or couch we recommend the following steps:

1. Blot dry.
2. Sprinkle with baking soda to help absorb the moisture and neutralize odors.
3. When dry, vacuum the baking soda, and apply stain remover spray if there is a remaining stain - let sit 15 min before blotting.
4. Mist with Defunkify's Odor Remover Spray to combat any left behind odors.
5. If you have one, we would recommend using a carpet/upholstery cleaner as a final step. Note: Our All Purpose Cleaner is safe for all hard surfaces, and works wonders on hardwood or tile floors.

    No toys left behind! Don’t forget to wash your pal's favorite stuffy. Give pet toys a good sink soak in hot water and a gentle dish soap or a little Powder Laundry Detergent. Plush toys can be tossed into the wash right along with the bedding. 

    Lasty, don’t forget spa day for your pet. It won’t matter how much muscle power you pour into your house if the source of the odors is coming directly from your pet. And we all know, if your pet of choice is a dog, chances are he/she is out rolling in more than fresh dandelions.

    Just like with laundry and cleaning supplies, we recommend a safe, natural pet shampoo to help keep both you and your pet safe from harmful ingredients. 

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