Please Don't Suck On That! Adventures in parenting (in NYC).

Ah, New York City! The city that never sleeps, where every day is an adventure and everyone walks EVERYWHERE. Me included when 14 years ago (as a new mom) I found myself working a 'dream job' as an event planner in the Big Apple.

NYC is crazy. When you throw a toddler into the mix, the daily drama takes on a new level of unpredictability. Picture this: as I'm hurrying to make a wholesome dinner after a long day at work, I glance over my shoulder to discover my toddler sucking the sweet spices of NYC streets from my commuter shoes. Quite possibly the grossest makeshift lollipop ever to exist. Honestly, my stomach still turns every time I recount this experience. (I'll save the story of finding a fully engorged tick in the mouth of another child of mine for different day.)

Clearly I'm still scarred. My son remains in good health at 16 years old despite his use of my well-travelled NYC tennis shoes as a teething tool many years ago. Today, I'm here to say I really wish I could have reached for Defunkify's Odor Remover Spray and Stain Remover to save the day and prevent the terror I felt knowing that what my child was ingesting was far from wholesome.

What the actual funk!

Parenthood has a way of making you oscillate between so many different emotions and throws experiences your way that you could never in a bazillion years dream up. What on earth was my shoe-sucker ingesting from the streets of NYC? The city's sidewalks are like a petri dish of germs and who-knows-what-else. That's when the need for a solution became crystal clear: I needed something that could deodorize my shoes and clean them to a germ-free, pristine shine before my sneaky sneaker sucker could locate 'the goods.'

Defunkify, where you at?! I need you in my life!

How I wish I'd known about Defunkify's Odor Remover Spray and Stain Remover back then! This dynamic duo is a game-changer for urban commuters navigating the city's streets with or without shoe-sucking toddlers at home.

  1. Odor, Be Gone!: If your sneakers smell like they've been through a sewer safari, Defunkify's Odor Remover Spray is your secret weapon. Just a few spritzes, and poof! No more funky odors. Your colleagues or the dude sitting next to you on the subway will thank you, and when your puppy nibbles on your Nikes you won't live in fear about him also trying to lick your face afterwards. 

  2. Stains? What Stains?: NYC streets are merciless when it comes to shoe cleanliness. Whether it's coffee spills, subway grime, or the remains of yesterday's street food adventure, Defunkify's Stain Remover Spray is here to remove all that mess and more. Thanks to a little trick we have up our sleeve called science, Defunkify's stain removing formulas will help keep your kicks as pristine as the day you bought them, and those mysterious stains will be nothing but a distant memory.

  3. Bye-Bye Germs: The cherry on top? Defunkify's products are powerful germ cleaners. No more worrying about the uninvited guests that hitched a ride on your shoes throughout the city. The Stain Remover doesn't just remove visible stains; it removes the nasty funked up stuff you can't see, ensuring that your toddler's shoe-sucking escapades are as harmless as they are bizarre.

In Hindsight

Hindsight is 20/20, they say, and looking back, I can't help but shake my head, smile, and still feel a bit like I'm gonna throw up. With Defunkify's help, in my young working mama years, I could have avoided a few messes, frustrations and foul circumstances.

To say I'm so very happy Defunkify and all of it's odor removing, non toxic, deep cleaning detergents and sprays exists now is an understatement. 

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