Reduce your footprint with these easy cleaning hacks!

As we look forward to a new year and set goals - don't forget about sustainability. Define your sustainability goals. Don't be overly ambitious - small, easy steps can add up to making a big impact. 

Here are a few ideas of ways you can be more environmentally mindful when it comes to using Defunkify products and keeping a clean home. 

1. Liquid Laundry Hack! Our Liquid Laundry Detergent bottles should be cleaned out well in order to recycle. Keep your almost empty (but not yet rinsed out) detergent bottle by your utility room sink. When you've got uber funky clothing needing a pre-soak, use the last of the detergent from the almost empty bottle and then rinse the bottle directly into the sink. Not only will you be cleaning out the detergent bottle to prep for recycling, you'd also be using every last drop of detergent for your presoak.
    2. Powdered Detergent Hack! It's true, our Powder Detergent comes with a scoop and is stored within a plastic bag inside the cardboard box. We suggest reusing both the scoop and the bag! Run the scoop through the dishwasher and then throw it in your all-purpose drawer in the kitchen to use for measuring, in kids sensory tubs, playdough, etc. The bag can be used again as well - doggy poop bag for one. 
        3. Odor Remover Spray Hack! Once your Odor Remover Spray is used up, add water to the bottle and keep it in your laundry room. Use the spray bottle to spritz clothes that come out of the dryer with static cling. The water will have just a hint of essential oil scent, and reduces the static cling in the fabrics. This can be used over and over because even just water alone in the bottle is a great hack for static cling! Also, not over-drying fabrics and hang drying reduces static cling. Less dryer time = less energy used.

        4. Any Spray Hack! When done with our All Purpose Cleaner or Odor Remover Spray, the bottles can be rinse and recycled. It's good to always hold onto 1-2 of the spray nozzles in case a spray nozzle from another bottle cracks - can easily replace with a used spray nozzle. You can also rinse out both bottle and nozzle thoroughly (sterilizing is best!) and let kids use to spray plants!

        Keep in mind, that because Defunkify detergents work with any water temp (powder included), just by choosing your cycle choice intentionally you can reduce energy.

        Defunkify's Odor Remover Sprays can be used between washes for things like pet bed covers, towels, etc. to freshen up the fabrics but extend the use between washes.

        Companies and customers can work together to lessen environmental impact. Defunkify makes products that are 100% recyclable with human and planet safe ingredients. Our detergents are efficient in cold water. Customers can choose companies committed to leaving the planet better than they found it.

        Thank YOU for choosing Defunkify! 

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