Unleash Adventure & Thrive at Burning Man.

At Defunkify we give you full permission to Unleash Adventure and Get the Funk Out!

That last bit is our job of course.  It is our mission to empower YOU to get sweaty, get dirty, get in the game, this is Your life to live!

Our Chief Strategic Officer, Emily Jensen recently embraced a big solo adventure on her bucket list and took herself to Burning Man 2023! 

In case you didn't catch the reports, unprecedented rainfall hit the Black Rock City for the first time in history. Emily returned happy as a shiny new penny having been immersed in the international apex of art, creativity and human collaboration. The dust, wind, flooding and mud was a formidable part of her adventure.

One of the 10 principals of Burning Man is Radical Self Reliance, here are five tips on how to thrive in the BRC, no matter what the conditions......

1. Always bring duct tape. May it be to patch a hole in your gear, build plastic bag boots or reinforce a pole in high winds, bring it!

2. Pack your costumes and food in clear bins and bags. Reduce everything getting filthy before you need it in your paws.

3. Bring ski goggles. While the internet steampunk goggles look great, you'll be wishing you had my ski goggles, storms are no joke. Get out there!

4. Great footwear. If you do it right, imagine you will be backpacking peaks, cycling long distances and dancing, dancing, dancing. Your feet carry the weight of your whole life, pack good socks and boots!

5. Check your attitude! In a city of 85,000 where everything is gifted and there is nothing to buy, you will have everything you need and more. Your attitude and perspective on adventure will be the deciding factor on your own experience.

Bonus Tip! Get home & Defunkify. Your gear, clothes and costumes smelling perpetually rank is a thing of the past!

No distractions, no excuses, go for it, Get Funky!

We will see you on the flip side of your next big adventure!

The Defunkify Team

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