What Your Laundry Folding Method Says About You

Are you a meticulous folder? Do you pull your items out of the dryer and fold and sort while still warm? Is your clean laundry currently living in a giant pile waiting for you to give it some attention? Much like your other household habits, the way you approach laundry day can say a lot about you. Here’s what we think your laundry folding method might just say about the type of guy or gal you are!..

The Start to Finish Folder. This person never lets his laundry sit in the dryer unattended to. From the moment he tosses his clothing into the washer (with some Defunkify, of course!) he knows he’s not leaving home until his clothes are dry, folded and put nicely away in their designated location. If this approach to laundry day seems a little rigid to you, that’s okay - but, to this dude satisfaction is the ultimate result. The person who approaches laundry this way likely also enjoys making checklists, being on-time and writing thank you cards. Dependable, trustworthy and process-oriented are a few characteristics that describe this person. He may not be easily persuaded into a last minute adventure but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fun-loving. If given the opportunity, he’ll likely plan the best parties and outings making sure all the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed.  

The Multitasker. This gal has A LOT going on and while she may not get to sorting and folding her laundry while it’s still toasty and warm, it almost always gets done before the day is through. She likely has “better things to do” than wait around to fold clothes, and that’s okay because she is confident it will get done eventually. She does her laundry as-needed, always using her favorite laundry detergent (hint: Defunkify), and folds it at night while watching her favorite tv show or listening to a podcast she loves. Never one to shy away from an opportunity to have fun, this person does a great job of considering all of her commitments before throwing caution to the wind. Determined, adaptable, loyal and friendly are words often used to describe “The Multitasker.”  A busy, go-getter she believes she can have her cake and eat it too.  

The Procrastinator. Always racing from one thing to the next, it’s difficult to imagine this person being home long enough to even start a load of laundry - let alone finishing the process. “The Procrastinator” is a yes-man. Up for anything that sounds like a good time, he spends little energy worrying about the day-to-day details of life - laundry included. This person lives between two piles of laundry, the dirty pile and the cleaned with Defunkify pile. Maybe he’ll find some time to put his clean clothes away - or not. Either way, it’s no stress for this free spirit. Social, adventurous, and quick-witted describe this person well. If a friend is in need, they know they can always call on this guy to drop everything to lend a hand or an ear. To “The Procrastinator,” nothing is more important than living in the moment, which means sometimes things like laundry will just have to wait. 

What does your laundry routine look like? Can you relate to any of these approaches or do you have a different take on what your routine says about you? Share in the comments below! 

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  • Geri Goodrich

    I am somewhere between the start-to-finish and the multitasker. 80% of the time I do the start-to-finish. 20% of the time I’m also doing other chores or errands and they may sit in the dryer for an hour before I get to them. No matter what, all laundry is washed-dried-folded long before I start dinner!

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