Defunkify TeamUp

Are you in possession of a TeamUp fundraising link for your sports team or organization? If yes, you're in the right place!

If not, check in with your coach, or register your team here.

Let's Get Started. This page contains everything you need to help you raise up to $10,000 for your sports program!


Why Defunkify?


Share your TeamUp link with Friends & Family!

Grab the TeamUp fundraising link you received from your coach and get ready to raise up to $10,000 for your sports program!

Join forces with your teammates. Create unique and engaging ways to share together! Keep scrolling for a few ideas to get you started.

Sharing your Defunkify TeamUp link is a breeze! – try these out!

Go Viral.

Create a reel, story or post on your social media platforms. Go viral and raise up to $10,000 in record time!

And, Defunkify will help by sharing your content on our feeds! Simply...

  • Add @defunkify as a collaborator on Instagram.
  • Tag @defunkify on all platforms.
  • Use #defunkifyteamup

Be creative! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Phone A Friend.

Text everyone you know! From Uncle Bob to your best friend's mom. Get your friends and family in on the FUNdraising for your league.

Remember to include your TeamUp link in order for 100% of their purchases to be donated to your team!*

Example Text: 👋 Hi Favorite Uncle Bob! Help me raise $10,000 for my sports program, [Sports Team Name], by purchasing Defunkify laundry detergent. (It's really good!) - Use this link to purchase and 100% of your order will be donated! [insert TeamUp link]

Send It.

Want to send a little more info to your friends & family about the TeamUp program along with your TeamUp link?

Send an email! We've put together a handy dandy email template that you can download here and customize as you see fit.

Hot tip: Don't stop at one email! If you don't hear back from Aunt Betty, send her a reminder!

As they say, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease..." in other words, "The motivated TeamUp athlete raises $10,000 for their team!"

Questions? Comments?

We're here to help!

Looking for more info on the TeamUp program? Need a little extra inspiration on how to get your link out to the masses? Have feedback you'd like to share?

Fill out the form below or email teamup@defunkify.com.

*100% of net profit on every order donated.