purified water (water)
CAS # 7732-18-5
alcohol alkoxylate (synthetic)
lifts dirt and stains
CAS # 64366-70-7
sodium polyacrylate (synthetic)
prevents redeposition
CAS # 9003-04-7
protease enzyme (plant)
removes stains 
CAS # Proprietary
amylase enzyme (plant)
removes stains 
CAS # Proprietary
cellulase enzyme (plant)
removes stains 
CAS # Proprietary
citric acid (plant)
balances pH
CAS # 77-92-9
sodium hydroxide (mineral)
balances pH      
CAS # 1310-73-2
calcium chloride (mineral)
stabilizes formula
CAS # 10043-52-4
methylisothiazolinone (synthetic)
CAS # 2682-20-4
benzothiazolinone (synthetic)   
CAS # 2634-33-5
FREE of synthetic fragrances, phosphates, chlorine, dyes, optical brighteners, SLES/SLS and many other harmful ingredients commonly used in cleaning products                                   
CAS numbers for EPA Safer Choice Certification

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