Our Sustainability Practices

We know you choose Defunkify for a variety of reasons and we hope our commitment to making the planet a greener place is one of them! That's why we're proud to share with YOU, our loyal customer, the 3 North Stars that allow Defunkify to create the best products, keep our families safe, and protect the planet.

1) Formula Safety + Transparency. It's all about our ProvenSafe process. We start with ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program and use green chemistry to maximize performance. Defunkify's new Liquid Laundry Detergents are our best example yet! They're the most effective odor-removing detergents (ever made) & are 87% Bio-Based, EPA Safer Choice Certified, and Preservative-Free. This is extraordinary! Being able to deliver so much cleaning power and a 1-year shelf life without toxic preservatives is a remarkable accomplishment in the world of green chemistry. Equally important, we finish with complete formula transparency on the label so you can make the best decision.

2) Packaging + Transportation. As an emerging company, using the most sustainable packaging is a real challenge due to increased expenses. Yet, we believe in sustainable packaging and have big plans to exclusively use FSC Certified Paper and 100% Recycled Plastic packaging in the near future. For now, our Powder Detergents use paper-based packaging and our Liquid Detergents use 25% post-consumer resin (recycled plastic). Regarding transportation, we're in the process of finalizing a carbon offset shipping program that will go live this summer.

3) Profits + Partnerships. We're a proud partner of The Conservation Alliance and 1% For The Planet. With these amazing partners, we donate 1% of annual revenue to environmentally-focused non-profit organizations around the world.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about what guides Defunkify as a conscious brand. Have suggestions on what we could be doing better? We're all ears! Send along an email and we'd be glad to take your input into consideration - it means a lot!