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Non Toxic Powder Detergent

Non Toxic Powder Detergent

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Play Hard. Clean Easy. -- with Remarkably Powerful ProvenSafe Formulas.

All the odor crushing power you've ever wanted, in just one small scoop of eco detergent powder. Remove stains and destroy odor with our non toxic powdered laundry detergent.

  • Gentle on Skin
  • Safe For All Fabrics
  • Unscented Free & Clear 
  • Cold Water Performance
  • Septic Safe

Note: Refunds & Exchanges not permitted with Buy-in-Bulk 8-Packs. 

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sodium sulfate  (mineral)
prevents clumping of powder    
CAS # 7757-82-6
sodium carbonate (mineral)
optimizes pH levels + softens water        
CAS # 497-19-8
sodium citrate (plant)
prevents mineral deposits          
CAS # 6132-04-3
alkylbenzenesulfonate (synthetic)
lifts & separates dirt from fabric
CAS # Proprietary
alcohol ethoxylate propoxylate (synthetic)
lifts & separates dirt from fabric
CAS # Proprietary
sodium metasilicate (mineral)
optimizes pH levels + softens water        
CAS # 6834-92-0
sodium percarbonate (mineral)
color-safe bleach (chlorine-free)
CAS # 15630-89-4
sodium silicate (mineral)
optimizes pH levels + softens water        
CAS # 1344-09-8
methylglycinediacetic acid (synthetic)
removes calcium + prevents mineral deposits    
CAS # 5064-31-3
polyacrylic acid (synthetic)
prevents stains from redepositing on fabric        
CAS # 68479-09-4
tetraacetylethylenediamine (synthetic)
optimizes cold water washing   
CAS # 10543-57-4
protease enzyme (plant)             
removes protein-based stains and odors
CAS # 9014-01-1
amylase enzyme (plant)
removes starch-based stains and odors 
CAS # 9000-90-2
cellulase enzyme (plant)
rejuvenates fabric          
CAS # 9012-54-8
FREE of synthetic fragrances, phosphates, chlorine, dyes, optical brighteners, SLES/SLS and many other harmful ingredients commonly used in cleaning products
CAS numbers for EPA Safer Choice Certification   

SDS file found here.                           


Medium Load = 1/2 Cap

Large Load = Full Cap

Safe For All Fabrics
Cold Water Performance
Septic Safe

The Ultimate Soak

Have some extra funky fabrics? Old towels? Stinky sportsbras?

The Ultimate Soak will unleash the bacteria build-up on your fabrics, resulting in truly clean and odor-free items.

How-To: It's Easy! In your washing machine, bathtub or utility sink - soak your foulest fabrics in hot water with a capful of Defunkify liquid or powder detergent. Wait up to 2 hours, drain, and wash as normal

Our ProvenSafe™ Process

STEP 1: Safer Ingredients
We start with ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program.

STEP 2: Green Chemistry
We use green chemistry to maximize performance. Nature is extremely powerful when you know how to harness its potential.

STEP 3: Toxicity Testing
We apply innovative toxicity testing to ensure that our formulas with industry leading performance also keep our families safe.

STEP 4: Total Transparency
We finish with complete formula transparency on the label so you can make the best decisions based on your personal values.

Put Away Clean.

Defunkify's ProvenSafe(TM) Formulas clean deep within the fibers of any fabric, removing odor causing agents and releasing stains, leaving behind like new clothing ready for it's next adventure.

With Defunkify, your gear remains fresh, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: the thrill of the game, the joy of the outdoors, and the exhilaration of every adventure. So, embrace the action, step into adventure, and let Defunkify be your trusted teammate in the pursuit of fun - not funk!